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About the Trainer

I am DeAnn Jones, an active member of Stanwood, Washington. I have been teaching preschool for 12 years. I also volunteer in the Kindergarten classroom at Cedarhome and Twin City Elementary schools. I teach early childhood education classes for Purdue University Global, Purdue's online degree program, and I am a private tutor for Kindergarten children. This combination of teaching both young children and college students helps me keep my skills up-to-date as I teach research-based teaching methods that I also use in my own preschool and tutoring programs.


B.S. Child and Family Studies, Purdue University

M.S. Family and Human Development, Utah State University

Ph.D. Family and Human Development, Utah State University


Engaging Ways to Teach Literacy:

It's More than Just Learning the ABC's

About the course

Participants will learn a brief history of teaching reading in the United States down to what is being taught in the schools today. Research, using the science of reading and brain studies will be introduced and how this translates into teaching literacy to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Participants will be shown a variety of fun, meaningful, and engaging ways to teach individual literacy skills with the best research-demonstrated results to promote the most success throughout the child's early years and into the early elementary school years.

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Engaging Ways to Teach Literacy

Preventing Challenging Behaviors

Using the Pyramid Model Tool Kit

About the Course

Participants will view the video about the Pyramid Model for preventing challenging behaviors and its tools. The entire pyramid model will be explained including nurturing and responsive relationships, high quality environmental supports, extra help for specific children, and intervention. Participants seeking STARS hours will join a Facebook forum where they will share anonymous challenging behaviors, and as a class, we will match the behavior with the solution from the Pyramid Model (The FB group is only for participants seeking STARS hours).


for the Preventing Challenging Behaviors Workshop

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Parenting Class

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