Eating and Nutrition in Preschool Years

Ellyn Satter's Division of Responsibility

  • Watch this video. Ellyn Satter will explain what the Division of Responsibility.

  • Parent's responsibility. Parents choose what (nutritious foods) and when (regular mealtimes) and where (location to feed their children).

  • Child's responsibility. Children choose whether or not they will eat and how much they will eat.

Parent's Responsibility

  • What to eat

  • When to eat

  • Where to eat

Child's Responsibility

  • How much to eat

  • Whether to eat


  • No special orders (same foods for the whole family)

  • Serve at least one food you know each child will eat

  • Don't interfere in your child's natural ability to know when they are full (don't ask them to have one more bite).

  • Over time, kids will learn to like the foods the family eats