Fun for One-Year-Olds!

Ms DeAnn

Acting somewhat like a combination of Ms Rachel and Ms Julie

for my one-year-old grandkids!

And other kids waiting to join Discovery Place Preschool when they turn three or four

When I was little, I watched Romper Room on TV with Ms Julie

Now I can be Ms DeAnn and teach kids in their homes just like Ms Julie did

I will also show toddlers how to play with the toys I demonstrate in the videos like Miss Rachel

(yet not as professionally done)

See Ms Rachel on her YouTube Channel:

Here are some pointers as you watch the videos with your toddler

  • Look at the toy Ms DeAnn will be using and have that same toy ready or use something similar.

  • Do this at a regular time so your child begins to anticipate it.

  • Watch it with your toddler and interact with him/her with the video so it is more of an interaction rather than screen time. Then reinforce the same skills taught later when you play together with that toy.


Magnetic tiles

Available at Lakeshore Learning, Amazon, and practically any toy store.

Magnetic tile pointers

  • I like both Magna-Tiles brand and Picasso Tiles brand.

  • Magna-tiles have more magnets on each piece but Picasso tiles are less expensive and I don't see a difference in the ability of them to hold together.

  • Picasso tiles are slightly brighter in color.

  • I only demonstrate making a box for opening and closing and adding toys for one-year-olds

  • Any bigger structure is likely to be frustrating for one-year-olds since they collapse easily, although you can experiment with other structures for your one-year-old.

If you would like your toddler's first name mentioned in a future video, send me a message with their name.

Button Box

Button Box pointers

  • I like this better than a shape sorter for toddlers

  • There are more possible "right" holes that buttons fit into

  • it has two sizes of button holes but the small buttons can fit in the large button holes, so there is more success while also making a bit of a challenge.

  • I like the "clink" sound buttons make when falling in

  • This activity helps build fine motor skills, learn colors, shapes, counting, and sizes small and large. some stuff

If you would like your toddler's first name mentioned in a future video, send me a message with their name.

Bristle Builders Pointers

  • One-year-olds are mainly interested in fitting them together and pulling them apart rather than building creatively.

  • You can demo putting various sizes and colors together and pulling them apart.

  • Emphasize words such as "together" and "apart" or colors or shapes.

  • You can act out a story using the 3 animals or just make the animal sounds.

  • You can sing songs, such as Old MacDonald.

  • You could also build structures, but we aware that your one-year-old might not be as interested in structures as in the process of fitting them together and pulling them apart.

  • Follow Lev Vygotsky's approach by demonstrating things with the toys that are just slightly above your child's level while helping him/her to master the skill. If you zero in on your child's "zone of proximal development," your child will begin to master that skill.

  • It will only work if it is slightly above your child's current level but not too far above and something your child is interested in doing, yet cannot master without support from you.

If you would like your toddler's first name mentioned in a future video, send me a message with their name.

Hide and Seek Discovery Ball

Discovery Ball pointers

  • This toy is fairly simple in concept, but it may be difficult for a young one-year-old or younger than one.

  • You can begin by holding the larger structure while your toddler pulls a ball out.

  • It may be hard for your baby to coordinate both holding the larger structure steady and using the other hand to reach in.

  • You can also use the balls for other activities such as learning colors. Kids this young are in a window for learning colors by the age of two if you point out colors in their environment and show a group of objects that are the same color.

  • You can also play games with the balls, such as rolling them to each other. Sit with your legs out so the ball stays between them as you roll it back and forth.

  • Notice the different sounds each ball makes when you shake it.

If you would like your toddler's first name mentioned in a future video, send me a message with their name.

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